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Pond Rozenburg - Maassluis
Landtong Rozenburg


One moment you’re surrounded by harbor industry, the next moment you find yourself in the middle of a cozy village. It is truly a middle-class neighborhood with many single-family homes. The approximately 13,000 residents are very active and organize events such as a market, cycling tour, rock festival, and four-day walking event. The De Hoop windmill from 1887, the De Beestenboel petting zoo, the nature area at the Landtong, and the passing ocean liners make Rozenburg a unique and pleasant place to live. From Rozenburg, you can take the ferry to Maassluis.

District data

Construction period 30% was built in the 1970s. Family composition Living together without children.
Accessibility 1 hour and 31 minutes Zuidplein 47 minutes Den Haag

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