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Shopping, eating, drinking and dancing in the arches of the Agniesebuurt

An up-and-coming neighbourhood

The Agniesebuurt is a large city district full of positive contradictions. The district is split in two by the Hofbogentracé, a two-kilometre-long national monument (the longest built monument in the Netherlands) that will have a city park on top in the future. Enjoy a beer in a brown pub on the Teiligerstraat or at the brand-new Eurotrash in the Zomerhofkwartier. For pizza go to the popular Angelo Betti or to the fast Happy Italy in the former station Bergweg.

Station Hofplein

While the Hofbogen was still an abandoned train viaduct in the nineties, nowadays you will find restaurants, shops, coffee bars and live music here. Let yourself be surprised by chef Jim de Jong at Restaurant De Jong, or eat at FG Restaurant, the ‘laboratory’ of Francois Geurds with two Michelin stars. Stop off in the Hofbogen arches for a delicious pizza at Happy Italy or a good coffee at Man met Bril. Drink a special beer at Eurotrash United or dance at jazz stage BIRD.

Marché 010

Marché 010 is an indoor food market in Noord. The former metal workshop was converted into a hall like those you used to encounter everywhere in old city neighbourhoods. The mini market hall offers space to local entrepreneurs and enriches life in the Agniesebuurt. Marché 010 also hopes to mean a lot for the surrounding neighbourhoods. Mothers can prepare menus for the neighbourhood, and there is a plan to use the hall as a learning company for young people – a noble and tasteful initiative.

Water square

Cities require innovative solutions to problems like the gradual discharge of rainwater. That is why a water square was created on the Benthemplein. An internationally renowned design by The Urbanists to make rainwater flow to the sewerage as efficiently as possible. On rainy days the potholes are sometimes full of water, when it is dry a basketball court appears for the youth! Visit this fantastic piece of innovation, preferably on a rainy day.

Hofplein fountain

If you hear ‘Hofplein’ in Rotterdam, you probably think of the Hofplein fountain. The fountain has been a household name in Rotterdam since 1955. It has become a place where people celebrate! Do not be surprised to see a handful of supporters ‘dive’ into the fountain after the victory of the Rotterdam football club Feyenoord. Everyone who dares and wants to celebrate the victory is welcome. Watch out though, the water is anything but warm.

Coffee bar Het Hoofdkantoor – Man met bril

You can say that Paul Sharo, Mr Man-with-Glasses (Man met Bril), broke open the Agniesebuurt. The Hoofdkantoor on the Vijverhofstraat is a nice coffee bar with its own roasting house, good coffee and fast Wi-Fi. At the opening in 2015 it was a neighbourhood attraction, now it is a familiar place for locals and tourists alike. The renovation of the business in 2016 was therefore not surprising. Fun fact: Sharo had his eyes lasered. Man-without-glasses, but with tasty coffee.

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