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Combine exercise, nature and food in the Molenlaankwartier

Many clubs for sports enthusiasts, and don’t forget the abundance of nature

The club life thrives in the Molenlaankwartier: from football, batting and drop-goals at Sport Park Duivensteyn to holes-in-one at the golf course by the Rottemeren lakes. Those who do not really enjoy team sports and clubs can also head out on their own, in the Lage Bergse Bos for example. Or with a book on the boat, floating in the river Rotte. What do you mean that’s not exercise? You have to turn the pages, don’t you?

Rugby, Baseball and Softball

Many balls and a lot of batting, that is pretty much applicable to the area around Sport Park Duivensteyn. HSV Saints is located here on the Voorhout, the only Baseball and Softball club in the north of Rotterdam. In the same complex you’ll also find the Rotterdam Rugby Club, founded in 1940, where it often gets heated on the field. This makes football at VV Hillegersberg, on the Duivenpad, seem like the safer choice. In any case, the residents of the Molenlaankwartier have enough to choose from!

Chic Shopping

The Bergse Dorpsstraat offers much more than just the daily necessities. The range of shops in this lively street is diverse and of high quality. The children’s clothing store Pomme de Jus which sells big brands for the little ones is a popular stop for many. You will also find a Superdry clothing store, the most beautiful bags at Van Os, an elegant outfit at Leeser Studio and good-looking gadgets at Bang & Olufsen.

Lage Bergse Bos

There’s nothing like having a forest close to home. Near the Molenlaankwartier, southeast of Bergschenhoek, lies the Lage Bergse Bos, where forest, land and water intertwine. You can imagine yourself far outside the city, especially if you happen to pass the Scottish Highlanders. Just when you feel like you are all alone in a remote area, you may discover a meeting place with a restaurant and a view of the splash pond. The lush nature tastes even better with a glass of wine.

Cycling along the Rottemeren

If you live in Rotterdam and have never cycled along the Rottemeren lake then you should be genuinely ashamed. The nature is beautiful and the biodiversity is enormous. You may not be a bird or plant expert, but take a good look at the many unique birds (common tern, sand martin, kingfisher, peregrine falcon) and shore plants that breed and grow here. The Rotte itself is also worth a visit, the river has an extensive sailing network. The lucky ones living on the Rotte agree, everyday feels like a holiday.

Hooge Rotterdamsche Golf Course

The Hooge Rotterdamsche Golf Course is situated right next to the Rottemeren lake and on a ridge about 25 metres high. Not only the beautiful surroundings, but also the 18 challenging holes are waiting to be explored here. Just like the sociable club with nearly a thousand members. If you are curious but have no experience, learn the basics in a golf clinic. If you don’t try, you can’t succeed!

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