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A historic walk through the beautiful Nieuwe Werk

Unspoilt natural beauty, infinite relaxation

The Nieuwe Werk, also called the Scheepvaartkwartier (Maritime District), is surrounded by water. The historic and monumental buildings in the neighbourhood – mostly mansions from the 18th century – distinguish it from other neighbourhoods. It’s no coincidence that it’s a protected cityscape with an unbelievable 98 (out of a total of 500) national monuments in Rotterdam! Its stately avenues, lush vegetation, view of the water and many gardens, terraces and parks make it the ideal neighbourhood to enjoy unspoilt natural beauty, peace and romance.

Historic Schoonoord Gardens

The entrance to this hidden treasure is fairytale-like, look around at the Kievietslaan. Schoonoord was laid out as garden ‘Rust en Lust’, received its current name in 1816 and the English landscape design was realised in 1860. Heirs decided to open up the family garden to everyone. Since 2000, national monument Schoonoord is freely accessible between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Nature is not only visible, do you hear pecking? Take a good look around, you might spot a woodpecker!


This charming inner harbour is a place where you can bring friends and family from outside the city. Romantic Rotterdam at its best with historic boats and beautiful yachts. It is wonderful to walk here, especially on a sultry summer evening with beautiful views of the skyline and the monumental buildings of the adjacent Parklaan. Tip: the Veerhaven is a stop for the water taxi. Sail here and take a walk along this picturesque harbour and through the elegant neighbourhood.

Willemskade & Westerkade

These quays are characterised by monumental buildings, a view of the Rotterdam skyline and the water. On the Willemskade you will find the Wereldmuseum in a neoclassical building dating from 1851. Via the Willemskade you can walk to the Veerhaven and continue on to the Westerkade. A favourite route for many locals and tourists because of the mix of historic and romantic with modern and metropolitan Rotterdam. The monumental buildings on the quays face the modern skyline across the water.

Het Park

With the many winding paths past ponds, the dark green botanical garden, the classic Heerenhuys mansion and lawns interspersed with trees, Het Park is undoubtedly the most refined park in Rotterdam. The ideal place for events like the Day of Romantic Music, for a Sunday walk, a picnic or a drink at Parqiet in the old coach house. On your visit, don’t miss the monumental sycamore on the lawn along the Westzeedijk. It’s the widest tree in the city with a trunk of almost six metres!

Terraces: Zenne, Loos & Parqiet

The Nieuwe Werk is a good place to be on a hot day. Not only because of the shady trees in Het Park, but also because of the beautiful terraces in the neighbourhood. Pop in at Zenne, Loos or Parqiet and enjoy! At Zenne on the Willemskade you can taste all kinds of Turkish specialties. At Loos on the Westplein you can enjoy a glass of wine with the sun on your face and a view of the Veerhaven harbour. At Parqiet you can enjoy the sun all afternoon while the children play next to you on the lawn. Cheers!

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