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Kralingse Bos


The largest city park in Rotterdam: Kralingse Bos. This green oasis is a real attraction for anyone who wants to escape the city for some fresh air and tranquility. Nature lovers can enjoy a walk through the forest. Sun seekers can relax on the beach. Toddlers can play in the toddler pool or at the petting zoo. Older children can have a great time at the climbing forest. Around the lake, you can rollerblade, jog, and cycle to your heart’s content. You can sail on the lake while enjoying some bitterballen on the terraces. If you live in Crooswijk or Kralingen, this is your backyard. Enjoy!

District data

Construction period 91% is built before 1945 Family composition Living together with children
Accessibility 18 minutes Coolsingel 38 minutes Den Haag Bus 36

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