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I want to renovate sustainably

I want to improve or renovate my home in a sustainable way. What are the possibilities?

If you are going to renovate, do it sustainably right away. Use environmentally friendly materials and apply energy-saving measures. Looking for useful tips, advice or experiences from other Rotterdammers about the sustainable improvement or renovation of your home? Check out www.duurzaam010.nl. From information about double glazing to draft strips. Large or small investments, lower energy costs and more living comfort can quickly be earned back!

Help with sustainable renovation of rented house
Even if you live in a rented house, there is often room for improvement when it comes to energy consumption. Milieucentraal helps with this. It is explained step by step for each type of room how best to proceed. For example, the bathroom needs a different approach than the bedroom or kitchen.

For larger sustainable measures, such as insulation, you must consult with the VvE. Take advantage of this. It is often cheaper to become more sustainable together with other owners. It happens that small VvEs are sometimes not or hardly active. This may seem easy and cheap, but that is certainly not the case! Little or no maintenance is done and if there is a problem, there is often not enough money to fix it. So activate the VvE! For help and tips, please visit www.vve010.nl.

Are grants or loans available for sustainable improvement or renovation in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is progressive. Also with a view to sustainable (re)building. The municipality makes subsidies and loans available so that residents of Rotterdam can invest in sustainable solutions. For example, a subsidy or loan is available in some cases for switching to natural gas-free. Or for more greenery and collecting rainwater. And also for electric driving, insulating the home or solar energy projects.

Visit the website www.duurzaam010.nl for an overview of subsidies and loans that you may be eligible for.

For personal advice, you have come to the right place at the Sustainability Shop of the municipality of Rotterdam! The advisors are ready to answer your questions and help you on your way. Free. Whether you live or are going to live in a rented or owner-occupied home, the Sustainability Shop is there for all Rotterdammers.

Read the story about Jerry, Consultant at the Sustainability Shop and Eigen Huis Coach.

What are the financing options for (sustainable) renovation?

Een duurzaam huis kan je veel opleveren. Een lagere energierekening, meer wooncomfort en je draagt bij aan een beter milieu. En er zijn meer momenten om te verduurzamen dan je denkt. Als je een huis koopt, bouwt of verbouwt. Maar ook als je je hypotheek aanpast. Bij Rabobank noemen we dit duurzame woonkansen. En wij helpen je ze te benutten.

Om je te helpen jouw (duurzame) woonwens te realiseren heeft de Rabobank verschillende slimme financieringsmogelijkheden en oplossingen. Let op! Geld lenen kost geld.

  • Duurzaam wonen
  • Groendepot
  • Bouwdepot
  • Verhuizen of verbouwen


A sustainable home can give you a lot. A lower energy bill, more living comfort and you contribute to a better environment. And there are more moments to become more sustainable than you think. When you buy, build or renovate a house. But also if you adjust your mortgage. At Rabobank we call this sustainable housing opportunities. And we help you take advantage of them.

Rabobank has various smart financing options and solutions to help you realize your (sustainable) housing wishes. NB! Borrowing money, costs money.

As a (small) VVE, can we also apply for a subsidy or a loan for maintenance or renovations?

That is certainly possible. At Duurzaam010.nl you will find all information about subsidies and loans for VvEs. Think of natural gas-free, (re)building, collecting rainwater, insulation and solar panels. Subsidies are also available for small VvEs (up to a maximum of seven apartments) for insulation of the roof, ground floors, facade or windows.

In addition, via VVE-010 you can get help with the (often difficult) decision-making process within VvEs.

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