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I want to build my own house

Where can I find the range of self-build plots in Rotterdam?

On the Self-build page on our site, we always have an up-to-date overview of all self-build plots made available by the municipality of Rotterdam. Have a look around here to see if there is something for you. With the available lots, we also include information about the lots themselves, floor plans, prices, draw and registration.

Would you like to be kept informed about the range of self-build plots? In our newsletter we always mention the newly available Self-build plots.

What should I keep in mind when building my own?

When you are going to build your own house you design and build your own house from the ground up. Plots of land are for sale throughout Rotterdam, in the middle of the city or in the countryside. Choose a location that suits you, and fill it in exactly the way you want it, from the first stone to the last light switch. Together with your own team of architects and contractors.

More information about permits, asbestos, sustainable construction, foundation counter and building rules of thumb can be found here.

Click here for available Self-build plots in Rotterdam.

I want to build sustainably. Where can I find advice?

If you are going to build, do it sustainably right away. Use environmentally friendly materials and apply energy-saving measures. Looking for useful tips, advice or experiences from other Rotterdammers about making your home more sustainable? Check out www.sustainable010.nl. From information about double glazing to draft strips. Large or small investments, lower energy costs and more living comfort can quickly be earned back!

Do I need a permit to build or renovate?

Sometimes a permit is required from the municipality for (re)building plans. On a special website you will find information about municipal regulations that apply to your (re)construction location. In 3 steps you will be helped with rules for (re) construction activities at your address, determine whether a permit is required and how you can apply for it. Going through the steps will give you a good idea of what to expect. This increases the chance of a successful permit application. If you do not need a permit, you can start work immediately.

Architect on Move
In Rotterdam there is the possibility to build or renovate without a permit if a certified architect is engaged. These are construction projects that fit within the zoning plan and that have a low spatial and structural risk profile. Consider, for example, the new construction or renovation of one or two single-family homes, renovation, a roof structure or a roof terrace. Because this is a permit-free operation, no building fees are charged. For an overview of the certified architects, the buildings and more information, go to Architect aan Zet.

Neighbors agreement
Neighborhood agreement is a trial in a number of neighborhoods in Hoogvliet and Prins Alexander. Rotterdam residents who own their own home will have more freedom to make small adjustments to their home. The aim is that they can continue to live in their home longer and with more pleasure. A condition for participating in the Neighbors Agreement is that all neighbors agree with the amendments. Then the environmental permit is free. The trial started on January 1, 2020 and will run until December 31, 2023.

What is CPO (Collective Private Commissioning)?

‘PO’ stands for Private Commissioning. This means that a private individual commissions the development of his own home. In fact, a private individual takes over the role of the project developer. It does not mean that you literally have to build yourself. You have to take control yourself, whereby you hire advisers to guide you in this. The ‘C’ stands for Collective. At CPO you, as a collective, in other words a group, commission the development of your residential building. Watch this video for more info: https://youtu.be/SqqA3U3Shqo

How do I form a CPO group?
You are responsible for forming a buyer group yourself. If you cannot get enough people interested in your own network, you can, for example, meet other Self Builders during a viewing. There it is possible to meet other interested parties to form a group together or to join existing groups. A buyer group must officially unite by registering with the Chamber of Commerce.

In Rotterdam, Urbannerdam is active in the field of guidance and advice for collective DIY and DIY projects. See the Stampioenstraat and De Nijverhoek projects.

Does the municipality of Rotterdam also make real estate available?

The buildings that do not belong to the core portfolio of the municipality of Rotterdam will be sold. These can be offices, shops, business premises and sometimes homes. The sales process is public and anyone can make an offer. The money generated by a sale is badly needed for the city, which the municipality can use for facilities or education. The range of municipal real estate can be found on the Bouwen aan Rotterdam website.

As a private individual, you can therefore buy real estate from the municipality of Rotterdam. It often needs a renovation to (proper) habitation. Larger projects can also be tackled with several interested parties in a CPO (Collective Private Commissioning).

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