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Aging and living

Where can I go for information or advice about 55+ homes in Rotterdam?

The senior broker wants to make elderly people aged 55 and older more aware of their current living situation and to make them think about whether moving will be necessary in the future. Together with you, she will clarify your housing wishes. Where necessary, she offers support in making the steps necessary for an actual move. Read more about this in the article Senior Broker Rotterdam.

Can I still take out a new mortgage after my 55th birthday?

You can! And with the current low interest rates, this is extremely interesting. Even someone of, say, 85 years old can get a mortgage. Of course, the monthly costs must match the incomes and expenses that someone has.

Chris Vaes of Vaes Finance explains it in the following article: Can I still take out a new mortgage if I am over 55?

Where can I find the range of 55+ homes in Rotterdam?

Sometimes adjustments in the home are not the solution, or the house is less suitable for continuing to live for other reasons. There are several ways to find another home. You can find another house mainly through the internet. If possible, ask for help in your area if you can’t do it yourself.

  • You can find social housing via Woonnet Rijnmond. You must register here first. You can then respond to homes via the website. Here you can pass on all kinds of housing wishes.
  • Take a look at the map with all new-build rental and owner-occupied homes that are available in Rotterdam now or in the near future.
  • For rental properties you can also look at Woonz, SOR, and Living in Rotterdam (both for existing buildings and new construction).
  • The best way to find a new owner-occupied home is on the internet via Funda. It is useful to call in a purchase broker who has experience in searching for suitable homes or life-resistant homes.
  • Via mijnhuisopmaat.nl you can take the home test to make your home safer and more comfortable

Questions to think about:

  • Who do you want to live near?
  • What do you want to be able to do in the area?
  • In what kind of home can you grow old comfortably?
I want to continue living safely and comfortably. Can I do that in my own home or is it better to move?

Small or large adjustments to the home or living situation can ensure that you can continue to live safely and comfortably for as long as possible. Or are you thinking about moving?
On the website of the municipality of Rotterdam you will find more information about the possibilities.

See what can be improved and more comfortable in your current home. Do the house test on mijnhuisopmaat.nl.

It is nice if you can continue to live in your own environment. If that is no longer possible due to a disability or illness, a home adaptation can be the solution. More information about this can be found at Housing adaptation | Rotterdam.nl.

What is the municipality of Rotterdam doing to create more suitable housing for the elderly?

The realization of suitable homes for the elderly and the realization of residential (care) concepts for the elderly has a high priority within the municipality of Rotterdam. That is why the municipality concluded the “Langer Thuis agreement” with 42 parties in 2020. Together with corporations, developers, investors, care and welfare organizations, we will be working together in the coming years to develop more suitable homes for the elderly in Rotterdam and to create neighborhoods where housing, care and welfare are tackled integrally so that these are pleasant neighborhoods to live in for as long as possible. to be able to live independently. Read more here.

Kangaroo living, is that something for us?

In Scandinavia it is already the most normal thing in the world: a kangaroo home. Several generations move in together and help each other with care. This way you can help your parents who are getting older and they can help you find a home again, if you as a starter just don’t seem to be able to intervene. But what exactly does it mean and how does it work?

The kangaroo house is still a niche at the moment, but it is a phenomenon that can become larger in the future. Especially with the aging population and the current tightness in the housing market, it can offer a solution. The number of elderly people who want to live independently for longer is increasing sharply. Yet only a small group of lenders are open to this. Ooms Financieel Adviseurs has experience with the so-called ‘kangaroo mortgage’ and can advise you in this

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