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Heijplaat is a green oasis in the middle of Rotterdam’s city harbours. Hidden behind the former shipyard of the Rotterdamsche Droogdokmaatschappij (RDM), it is a special garden village with a rich cultural-historical background. It is a good place for those who dare to live in the middle of the dynamics of the beating heart of the world economy. Tuindorp Heijplaat was created at the beginning of the last century when the RDM, one of the largest shipyards in Europe, built around 850 homes for its employees. After World War II, more homes were added. New family homes are now also being built on Heijplaat that are very environmentally friendly and sometimes even generate more electricity than they use. The Waterbus takes you from Heijplaat to the heart of Rotterdam in no time.

District data

Construction period 13% was built after 2010 Family composition Living together with children
Accessibility 23 minutes zuidplein 41 minutes Den Haag Bus 68

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